Sproute has user accounts built-in so security is simple. You must create a route and specify which user type can access that route. Users that do not match this type will be given an error.

User Types

The default user types are admin and member. You may extend this by updating the users model and creating a values array in order of superiority (see Heirarchy below).

There are other special built-in user types you may use when specifying permissions:

  • admin: At least one admin account exists when Sproute is first installed. This account is defined in the config.
  • owner: Will ensure the _creator matches the logged in user.
  • member: Any logged in user.
  • anyone: No requirement.
  • stranger: Must not be logged in.


All user types have a heirarchy of superiority. The default order is admin > owner > member > anyone. This means any permission you give to a user type is also given to user types above it.