Sproute uses a JSON file named config.json to configure any settings or options you need to tweak. Out of the box, you will not need to configure many of these values.

Error View

When an error occurs render a custom page instead of the default JSON response. The page will have a list of error messages under error.

To force an API to return JSON instead of the rendered error page, submit the request with an Accept header of application/json or application/javascript.

{{ each error as e }}
{{ / }}


To implement a CAPTCHA you can use reCAPTCHA by setting up a public and private key.

Put the private key in the config then to use a CAPTCHA in a form, use the template tag:

{{ captcha <public key> }}

Rate Limit

To avoid spamming on your space, you can set a rate limit in seconds to prevent frequent POST requests.


When using a custom domain, put the full URL here for any links that need to point to the space such as password recovery emails. Make sure to leave off a trailing backslash /.

You must change your DNS settings on the domain so that the A record points to