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Instant Web Apps

Sproute is an open-source platform for creating complex web apps and dynamic websites in three quick steps:

Step 1. Choose an app

Step 2. Pick a theme

Step 3. Ready to go!

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“There's really not much out there for people like me who want to do custom stuff but would prefer not to write any serious code. Sproute fills that void quite nicely” — Oskari Grönroos, Founder of Duologue
“Sproute was a great addition to our development tool belt!” — Ron Jacobs, Web Developer at
  • Data storage

    A powerful database to store and query application data. Set field properties to enforce data validation.

  • Pretty paths

    No more ugly file extensions. Use routes to match any type of URL pattern to a page.

  • User accounts

    User and session management out-of-the-box. Features include: register, login, recover password, update details and logout.

  • Minimal scripting

    Build complex applications with little scripting. Syntax similar to Mustache.

  • Interoperability

    Through the REST API, you can modify data with anything that can make an HTTP request.

  • Single page apps

    With Sproute.js you can build the entire app in the front-end with JavaScript.

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